Thailand: The Land of the Very Free

Just a couple of days ago, May 20, Thailand went into martial law – all because of months of unceasing and uncontrollable protests. Was this really necessary?

wpid-thailand-martial-law-1-640.jpgWell, much of the world has continuously moved forward in terms of technological advancement, equality and freedom in many aspects of life – and Thailand is no different from it. In fact, this Southeast Asian nation is an exception in the sense that it’s one country that has actually never been under colonial rule.

Does that fact ring the bell?

Perhaps from generation to generation, the Thais has impressed the value of freedom that any sort of hindrance they feel only gets the kind of protests that we see – that naturally many outsiders misinterpret. Obviously, how many could actually understand protracted protests or violence related to such?

Probably only a handful (especially if you’re not a Thai). So much so that about 10 TV stations has also been cut off the air in hope of containing the situation. Hmm… looks pretty serious.


This is why many nations have warned their citizens to be cautious of and in Thailand. Yet this martial law (so long as it’s numbered) could actually be the key if only to fix the situation; besides, the military didn’t just stop on its implementation but is brokering talks toward peace.

Good for Thai’s beleaguered government. But for the country? More uncertainty. To be the Leaders its citizens could trust, they should show sincerity – not just talk but act. This is an old lesson however still many leaders fail to understand.

What’s your take?