SnapChat’s Evan Spiegel and His Emails

As they say, we all have something in our closet. But then, if you’re dreaming big then you better clean up that closet – better yet, don’t make a huge mess of it from the start.

This is one mistake most of us make mainly because of our youthfulness. In a world where “selfies” abound, everything just seems to be getting more open, and privacy has even become trickier – so, you better be careful or you’ll become an instant celebrity.


SnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel

This is what happened to SnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel when sexually explicit emails of his were uncovered.

Was just someone trying to ruin him? Well. Yet again, if you really think about it, Spiegel simply lost his compass. He’s got dreams but was irresponsible – not a good sign for a future techno leader. Blame youthfulness for it? Guess you should blame how we value technology even more.

Back in the days, it was tougher to claim money and power for twenty-something people unless you belong to a rich family. Or you put up your own company at a right time that you get investors’ support and consumer demand.

These days, we got the internet as our leverage. That even as a high school kid, or someone still lacking in maturity could get a crack at fame and fortune – all you need to learn is to code.

Is that nice?

Well, coding or any positive new skill is always good. However, youngsters especially ambitious ones should be made to really understand that fame, money and position – all translates to power.

Therefore, no matter your accomplishment, realize you’re not the only person on earth – sensitivity and responsibility should be emphasized and nurtured way before one could accomplish anything. This way we bring up deserving Leaders.

What’s your take?