What’s Next for American Apparel’s Dov Charney?

For several years, American Apparel has been struggling and now, the company has hit another blow – actually, its Founder and CEO, Dov Charney has been shown the door by their Board due to the latest scandal he’s said to be involved in.

An internal investigation discovered that Charney misused corporate funds and allowed an employee to post “nude” photos of a former employee.

Hmm… the first charge is quite common in many people of authority ever since; but the next one, it’s quite unbecoming of a leader. This is something like “revenge porn” where after a nasty breakup, the guy posts naked pictures of his old flame.

Charney has been in many controversial issues for some time now, from just wearing his underpants in some of his factories to sexual harassment. And now, he’s fighting to get back his job.


Well, what he feels about his job is understandable but with the way his company has performed, the struggles they’ve been having for years and their stock value sinking to an abyss – all because of him – he shouldn’t be forcing his way if he really cares.

Instead, Dov Charney should just let the Board have their way, however, with an agreement that if he has cleared his name of controversies and comes up with a proposal on a winning and sustainable strategy – he should be given a chance to get back his job; first, on an interim basis until he passes that probationary period on appropriate conduct, but terminated at any time once proven of any such violation.

What’s your take?