First Realization: Workplace, the better training place

It took no less than the courage of Singaporean Education Minister Heng Swee Keat to validate that the “workplace is indeed the best arena for developing skills.”


Education Minister Heng Swee Keat of Singapore

As Heng said, “We can have all sorts of simulations in the class, and indeed, we do a lot of that to accelerate the learning of our students. But at the end of the day, what better place to apply your skills and knowledge and develop all sorts of soft and hard skills than the workplace.”

Well, actually for those who have long realized this, we don’t even to need to look at surveys or related data to give a nod. Yes, there maybe schools who offer excellent training but then, think about this.. a school, no matter how well known, only provides theories – otherwise, why would there even be a need for “on-the-job training”?

Exposure is, in fact, all we really need to learn a craft; Mastery depends on one’s interest and brains – not his Alma mater.

So, going further, why would companies even favor a graduate from a renowned university compared to an ordinary one? Don’t they know how to determine a diamond in the rough? Or why would these companies look for someone with “extensive” experience when hiring? Haven’t they realized the power of an interested person?

See.. especially if the attitude meshes well with the company’s vision – give him a chance. Hey, he could even be better than many of his seniors. This certainly applies to senior applicants as well. It is “walk the talk” and not just agreeing to something just because it’s trending, then actually failing to act on it in the end.

Thus, only real forward-thinking companies would dare to take that chance. And this is why only such companies are those that really lands on real talents. Hmm… for they are the ones who truly understands that the “workplace is indeed the best arena for developing skills.”

What’s your take?