America’s Border Bill bordering on What To Do

Is there actually a humanitarian crisis in the U.S.? Yes? No? So, what’s all this talk on “Border Bill”, children going cross-country, refugees, and stuff then?

Well, reports say that there has been an influx of Central Americans illegally entering the country from the south. Isn’t this old stuff? I mean, it’s been going on since centuries ago.

Fact is the United States has been a melting pot to many cultures mainly because of opportunities far more available in America compared to their countries of origin. Hey, even the “said” Americans many of us know are not really natives of the U.S.. So, what’s the fuss?

Okay, it’s different now than centuries ago. The country could only take so much, and with that mounting pressure to “provide” for every citizen at that.

Then again, don’t you think its “immigration” policies has something to do with it as well? Yes, it’s not just these asylum seekers. See. For one, the US has policies that are a bit vague, or should we call it “misconceptions.”

Here’s an example.. actors or celebrities from a foreign country after being washed up in one way or another – are granted visas and much more green cards by the immigration. This is simply because of the perceived “talent” that s/he has, when in fact upon reaching the US, they just take on menial jobs to survive. So, where’s the talent there?

If this is the case, then why not just be more lenient with non celebrities but skilled people? You are? Then how about doing a survey especially on these categories mentioned? Surely, data would surprise you.

Nonetheless, the contention of having a bill that could send “refugees” back to their country of origin, or the heart to accommodate them because of their countries’ condition is a “problem” particularly because the ones involved are kids. Yet sadly, in some way, this ongoing activity has become some sort of human trafficking.

Border Bill? Like what? How about tightening your border patrol instead? More so..


Sen. John Cornyn (L) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (R)

How about cleaning from the roots first? Like the one the author just stated about “immigration” policies. Then go on with sweeping illegal immigrants who are unproductive, or non contributors to society and the economy – but only voters. What??? How could that be?? Well, just do your thing, let’s see..

Once you’ve cleared these two layers, check the backgrounds of these children. Of course, you can do that even while the first two layers are still in progress. Only then could you decide if these kids are to be sent back or given “asylum.”

What’s your take?