The Business of Diapers

What used to be a market only for babies and toddlers has now really extended to our elders – that is the diaper. This trend has been magnified simply because of our current lifestyle, that birthrates have been slowing down.

So, where do companies like P&G go? Of course, if it’s P&G per se, they do have a variety of products; but what should they do with their diapers? Obviously, look who else needs a diaper. Analyze man’s years on earth.

And now, this is why the company has aggressively moved to the elders’ market, particularly those with incontinence.

Hmm… then again, your consumers in that category may only be enough for you to get by – for now, at least. Why?

First, how many are moneyed enough to spend on diapers? Okay, adult diapers are not priced like gold; still, not many of our elders have families or relatives who could support such. Besides, would the government truly subsidize for diapers?? See, this is more than just convincing our elders to wear adult diapers.


And we’re just talking of industrialized nations at that. What about the developing or less developed countries? How many would actually set aside money for diapers rather than the more basic needs? Wouldn’t they just improvise on dealing with incontinence and alike?

Sad as it may seem, our elders have definitely taken the back seat in many parts of the world. Perhaps the more pliable route would be not to just lower the price of diapers for elders, but to educate society regarding these matters.. more so, revive and strengthen family values.

Touching the heart is always a good way to make an appeal – even in business.

What’s your take?