Malaysia Airlines, where to?

Only recently, Malaysia Airlines has lost MH370 to only God knows where. Then just a couple of days ago, another of its planes ended in tragedy. Flight MH17 with 298 on board was shot down over Ukraine by a ground-to-air missile. wpid-20140718-0dc4b488f28ea02f-0-0-b609a3ec-fef98558bd0c5da3.jpeg

Who did it? That’s what everybody wants to know.. though those in the know have an idea on who’s the culprit. Still, everyone in our list is innocent until proven guilty. And, the question should actually be for the airline: Why did you pass through an airspace of a war zone?

Let’s leave that puzzle for now and move on to business..

First, even before these tragedies, Malaysia Airlines has already been struggling – what more now? This only means the airline has been badly managed. And with the initial unfortunate event of losing MH370, the airline not only had to dole out money to the victims’ families but bear a plummeting stock and consumer confidence.

With this, the airline went on to lowering their fees. A normal management reaction. So, did it solve their conundrum?

Months later, Flight MH17 goes down. Although we have yet to determine the case of MH370, this one is equally puzzling. Of course, passenger planes should never be shot down regardless; but again, why did it pass through a war zone? This is like a pilot error. And so we see the result.

What would management do this time? Give tickets for free? With this tragedy, we see an even steeper decline in the airline’s value. And repainting the aircrafts obviously wouldn’t give them a lift any moment.

Then what should it do?

There are two simple solutions to this. Malaysia Airlines either closes down (and sells), or changes its name. Yes, change the name.. the company, the airline. That simple. Then change its management team.

With these two unfortunate events, the airline would now be synonymous with “tough luck” to put it mildly. It would be real hard to recover investor confidence, and especially passenger trust. So why not change and change soon?!

Kuala Lumpur Air would still be a good name for a national carrier. Hmm…

What’s your take?