Boosting Morale at Malaysia Airlines

So much bad news have been swirling around these days. Wars here and there. Corruption here and there. The Ebola outbreak.. and many more. With all these going on, nothing is more painful than losing friends, and of course family.. just like what happened when the Malaysia Airlines lost MH370 and MH17 in less than 5 months.wpid-1406003462904.jpg-300x0.jpg

For flight attendant’s union executive council member Husni Uzair, low morale is not because of flight fear. Adding that when the doors of the plane close – they become one family – they live together, they eat together, they fly together, in short, they become very close.

Indeed, not only the passengers’ family are feeling distraught but the crew’s friends and relatives as well. Hey, they’re passengers too. Now, there’s been counseling services to the airline’s staff. Think it could help?

Well, no matter the talk, we can never bring back those that have gone to another world so to speak. But at least with comforting words, we ease the pain of those hurting.

The problem is – once you’re done with the session, the pain creeps back in. So this is like a never-ending process, though at least for a while, for as they say time heals.

wpid-1406003462621.jpg-300x0.jpgNevertheless, the ability to boost employee morale is one of the most important skill a Leader could possess. You answer why. When everything’s fine, every crew just goes about their business. But when things get sour, efforts are either scattered or just hardly moves. This is when good leadership comes in..

In a scenario like Malaysia Airlines, if counseling doesn’t really help much, one thing you could do is reassign your crew. Since flights for your airlines would go down, rotate your crew assignments with another airline (local or not) that you could arrange with. A new “environment” would help crew morale to recover a little faster.

Otherwise, reassure your crew that things will get better with unity and effort.

What’s your take?