Ohio State: The Hazing of Future Leaders?

Couple of days ago, the New York Times reported Ohio State marching band Director Jon Waters of purposefully allowing sexual harassment amongst the group. Adding that members were forced to march in their underwears through the stadium at night, that they were given vulgar names, and that they had to endure some form of hazing among others – though these were all done by fellow band members.

When asked why did he (Waters) tolerate such vulgar nicknames? The reply was “good point.”


Is that an answer from a leader who’s supposed to help mold “future” leaders in a social yet team-oriented capacity? Okay, many business leaders would take such band leadership lightly, but then, guiding especially the youth is really a big thing.

We all understand where “future” leaders are coming from. So, to have the opportunity to develop these youngsters is, in fact, a big responsibility.

Take the case of Hillary Clinton. Her speaking in colleges and universities. That’s an opportunity to shape the youth in becoming good leaders. However, as we know it, you have to lead by example. Whether in government, business or school setups, you have to “lead by example.”

You have to be guided not only by objectives but uprightness – for only then would it be truly effective. More so, when you lead rightfully, you also strengthen your own foothold on good governance. See?

Well, the defense was that this “sexualized” culture has been going on for decades and Waters is still barely 2 years in his position. Huh, and that’s why he got fired. In this case, managing a band is not like you got to meet financial objectives, so do you really need even 2 years to correct this issue?

Hmm… unless you’re corrupt yourself.

What’s your take?