Wars. Airplanes. Tragedies… and Entertainment?

There seems to be a lot more wars now than ever before, even excluding the world wars. And so, without airlines really thinking, we got air tragedies. Yes, you know what happened to MH17. And see that they heard us over here as well..

Well, Malaysia Airlines is planning on a massive revamp.. with name change included.

But then, what is this that Delta Airlines is now giving away? For the airlines’ patrons, you must have already experienced what they’re offering for free. Movies. TV shows. Music and video games. This is for all U.S. flights 90 minutes or more.

Was it a good move by management to do such? Hmm… if they did their math, then it should be. See, on a quick glance, with the volatility of fuel prices and wage increases, well, who knows when it could satisfy workers. This is like Delta would not really get much of new customers but more of pirate other airlines’ customers to overcome those two conditions.

And certainly, it pays that the United States is not really at war within but outside the country lest you get hit by a missile. Though of course, we should always take terrorists and gun-toting, mentally unstable people into consideration. Otherwise, who’d take the plane? Better yet, who’d travel?

The questions here now would be – how long would Delta Studio last? How would Delta maneuver against other airlines who would follow their lead? After all, it’s not really so hard to do.

So definitely, this program can’t just be seasonal if Delta wants to increase market share and develop loyalty. Passengers remember only the airlines’ availability and of course, aside from their experience which is crucial.

And as for maneuvering, for one, how about improving in-flight food and complimentary drinks?

What’s your take?