Nokia equals Microsoft versus Samsung

Another titanic battle is at hand, and still running; oh yes, just like the movies, it’s all because of a third party. But of course, this one is about business not a love relationship, so…

Microsoft sued Samsung for not paying its bills on time. And why? Because Microsoft made a deal with Nokia.

Hmm… pretty interesting, eh?

Well, in case you don’t know, Microsoft and Samsung in fact has a long-standing partnership due to the sale of Windows PCs and Windows Phone handsets. And this is the first time that a disagreement has prompted court action – all because of Android patent fees – and Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia.

Then again, despite initiating court intervention, Microsoft expects their partnership with Samsung to continue as it’s merely seeking arbitration to settle their dispute.


So.. if Microsoft still expects a good relationship with Samsung, why go to court? They could have just reviewed and pointed out the sections violated in private. Clarify. Validate. Get into some extended agreement. But as it is, it’s like they just want publicity. After all, they’d still go on with their business together, right?

Sometimes, delayed payment of interests blown out of proportion only says a company is struggling. Maybe Microsoft should just review its strategies and be a little more innovative.

What’s your take?