The $15 wage and Civil Disobedience

Fast food owners say a $15 per hour wage is unrealistic and could wipe out profits. Business talks.

z1The workers don’t buy this. Instead, they are even planning a nationwide strike (that includes at least 100 cities) come Thursday with a civil disobedience theme.


And to make their message even stronger, these fast food workers are really trying to get the home-care workers to join them. Oh, that’s around 2 million of them all across the United States.

Well, one thing authorities should watch out for is violence. Let the strikers express their grievances but let it be under control, of course.

As for the restaurants, well, they maybe belittling the capacity of the “union” to unite but with the workers’ sentiments growing by the day – restaurants should be prepared to close come Thursday.

Overall, strikes if only for a day may not really win their battle – even with the home-care workers joining. See, employers would not go this far if they believe they can’t make a stand. They can handle a day of absence, I tell you. Yes, a day of inactivity.z3

Yet in the end, this is simply the fault of capitalism. Workers (or the poor) are the ones just taking more blows. Social responsibility, in many cases, has just become publicity. Sad but true.

Thus as a Leader, you should try to listen more. Meet half way if possible. Okay, business is not charity but you owe your people your success. Empathy leads to loyalty, to dedicated service.

What’s your take?