Rat Race: MBA. CFA. Real Talent.

By the names alone, we should already have an idea of what they are all about. I mean, I’m talking about what recruitment firms like Robert Walters is referring to as options for business professionals seeking to better their careers.

zz1And, it is either the MBA or Master in Business Administration, or the CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst. The last one is from the author – Real Talent.

Obviously, the MBA is the general management of business while the CFA may sound new to some – but again, on its term alone, it’s clearly centered on the “financial” aspects of things. Real talent? It matters only if the business truly wants something big to happen.

According to surveys particularly in Asia, many students pursuing postgraduate degrees are typically about 27 years of age and with around 5 years of work experience.

Well, with most everybody “ordinary” thinking this way, don’t you think the market has become even more saturated? Companies looking to bring in “talent” are just actually bringing in “ordinary” people who just happens to oblige with their way of thinking.

These companies are so structured, they actually do not notice it anymore. They look for this and that in a candidate. They browse through resumes and shortlisting those with certain certifications or postgraduate degrees. Result, you only get conformists.


Ordinary or traditional thinkers does not really think the same way as real creative or forward thinkers do. It doesn’t matter if he came from a notable institution. Otherwise, gems would be so easy to find. Just recruit Harvard people and you’re done.

Huh! Then why not just close down all the other schools? Oh, they are for mediocre companies? Then tell it to them straight. Problem is, you could lose your lifeline – if not, then the World Economic Forum has not really done its job. It’s just a show.

Steve Jobs. Real Talent. But do all "real" talents form their own companies?

Steve Jobs. Real Talent. More than just an MBA.

Looking closely, the only reason why good companies continue to flourish is because they have been around for so long. And the so-called talented people that they hire now are just continuing what has already been established during the “old school” days.

As for Facebook and alike, what kind of influence do you see now with many students? They quit basic education that is college and just study coding instead. Not bad. At the end of the day, money speaks. But then, if you could be lenient with them then why not be loose on hiring qualifications as well? Real Talent can learn “anything” on the fly.

See, continuing with such conventional thinking is, in fact, everybody’s loss. MBA. CFA. Can you truly employ all of them to their dream jobs? No. How much more making them all CEOs during their employment? So, postgraduate degrees is like close to a waste of money.

Remember, “birds of the same feather, flock together” but you know what? Extraordinary birds like eagles do not.

What’s your take?