Rosalind Brewer, Sam’s Club President and CEO

Many of us just knows that Rosalind Brewer is the first woman and African American to get a top post for a Walmart division, and that is Sam’s Club.

Rosalind Brewer of Sam's Club

Rosalind Brewer of Sam’s Club

But do you also know that she’s actually a chemist? Yes, she is. At least, that’s what she finished in college and what she initially practiced before taking up management programs in renown universities – leading her to a career with Walmart in 2006.

Well, it only shows that it does not really matter what you took up in college, but what matters is what you did after college.

Anyway, as it is, in 2012 Brewer became President and CEO of Sam’s Club which incidentally just raked in $56 billion last year. So could this be why Brewer is said to be considered the next head of Walmart?

In business, money speaks.

And in her case, Brewer has unquestionably helped grow the number of Sam’s Club stores (from 610 to 643) since she took over the reins. And because of these accomplishments for such a large company, she has been constantly named among the most powerful in business – to date, the 64th most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes.

Walmart and Sams Club_1412029728967_8549191_ver1.0_640_480Then again, more than money that a business leader brings to her company is what she is. Her being. Oh, it’s easy to say that what’s important to a person is honesty and integrity, those are just words. How about justifiable actions? Actions especially for the lowly, her people.

Here’s something from Rosalind Brewer, “Laying off 2,300 workers was very difficult. I take those moments really personally and we did a lot of work to make sure we were doing the right thing.”

Hmm… Were those just words? Your guess. But looking at where she stands, being an African American and a female at that, she must have really felt for the people. Now, it’s a matter of following up on that empathy.

Sure, Brewer would step up to the challenge if given the opportunity to lead Walmart as she said she would; but being worthy of that position begins with compassion not just firmness. But a balance of all those traits, yes, including integrity and foresight. After all, with all the negatives that has surrounded Walmart even overseas, it really needs a real good leader.

What’s your take?