Kim Jong-un. Public Appearances. Nuclear Threat.

So Kim Jong-un finally appears after more than 5 weeks of being away from the public eye. And apparently, Kim was said to have visited housing projects and was using a cane in his left hand – where speculations from having an illness to diminishing power ran about during the time of absence.

But then, what gives? So what if Kim has an illness, sure he’s going to be attended to. So what if he lost out in a power struggle? Well, in this case, it is important to know what’s going on behind those walls as a change in leadership or passing of responsibility would alter a nation’s policy and of course, international relations.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un with a cane..

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with a cane..

For the public, it is important to see their leader in up and about and in high spirits, no matter what the state of the nation is. Understandably however, if the nation is in mourning then the leader should sympathize and provide outlets and solutions. For opponents, it would not be good to wish ill of someone who is not really provoking war or something terroristic. Yes, save for those nuclear programs and “uncomfortable” alliances, Kim should not be threatening South Korea as mere talks does have an effect on world conditions.

Then again, can the world still do something about those nuclear programs? No, so don’t force the issue.

Only two things to solve this. One, the international community uses military force to remove nuclear programs. Economic sanctions do not really work as every nation has got allies to fall back on. Two, those trying to disarm nations of their nuclear programs should disarm themselves too. Remember? Leadership by example? Certainly, this move would require full trust from each other which we all doubt would happen. Besides, terrorists could take advantage of the transition. Thus, don’t force the issue. Instead, look for friendlier means.

In the end, if the world’s economic system would be a little more fair to the less privileged then poor nations like North Korea would be more friendly and not belligerent. Perhaps rich nations and large companies should consider the theory of French economist and Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole.

What’s your take?