Reining Corruption thru Executive pay cuts?

Xi Jinping has backed a plan of cutting executive pay in efforts to curb corruption and let state-owned corporations be run only by those who truly supports the party.

Do you think he’s doing the right thing?

True, corruption cuts away profits and contributes to poverty, that’s why it should be stopped. But would cutting executive pay do the trick? I don’t think so.

Instead, for those already swallowed by the system, this would even spur a more aggressive and cunning scheme to get a bigger slice. Thinking leaders should know that.

So obviously, getting into the veins of executives is political in nature. Although, yes, there are corrupt executives.

Thence, how do you stop corruption? By eliminating politically-related appointments, for one. This is where temptation and abuse are especially present. Would China or any other nation do this? Your guess.

If governments want to touch state executives for corruption sake then they should monitor what they’re actually doing. Not favor political allegiances.

Then again, if you’re not up to it, they’ll let you know only what they want to let you know. Otherwise, the can of worms would only be opened when the company is about to go bankrupt.. Or when one of them doesn’t get a fair share of the pie.

What’s your take?