Sony. Racism.. and Rationality.

“Should I ask him if he liked Django?” (referring to the film “Django Unchained” which was a story about slave revenge) wrote Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman in an exchange of emails with producer Scott Rudin. Yes, they joked about the type of movies the President might like particularly those with African-American stars or themes.

Scott Rudin (L), Amy Pascal (R)

Scott Rudin (L), Amy Pascal (R)

Is that racism to you or not? Well, what exactly is racism then? Isn’t it about demeaning another person because of his skin color? Then you know that even if it was done in jest – that statement by Pascal is a no-no.

At any rate, Pascal in particular apologized for such words she expressed – emphasizing that although it was a private conversation, she still shouldn’t have lost control of herself.

While many suspects this email hacking was done by North Korea in protest of the upcoming film “The Interview” which was about journalists recruited to kill the North Korean leader – don’t you think North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also has that right to get upset?

We can’t be biased here.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

If we’re bombarding Pascal for issuing racist emails against Obama, why not feel the same against a movie that’s attacking Kim Jong-un? After all, he’s also being demeaned. And the only difference is that, he’s on the other fence.

Okay, the North Korean leader is putting the world in danger with those nuclear threats – but that’s it. It’s just a threat. It’s been a long time that he’s trying to scare all of us but fortunately, it has not happened. Because it really won’t happen. It’s just a bluff.

How about Obama? People also keep complaining of his mishandling of this and that. From those spying to healthcare to exchange of POWs to the economy to what have you. Then why not make a film out of him, too? That’s only being rationale.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

The author is not pro-whoever but pro-equality, pro-cooperation. See. That’s what’s wrong with the world. People just expresses to advance themselves or a certain group without real thought for others. And so, we have misunderstandings. Later on, cold wars.

Translating this to the corporate world – it’s like promoting the ugly face of stereotyping.

Yes, we are all unique and with certain preferences and opinions that we are entitled to. And so the emails of Pascal should be forgiven as it was private. It was a joke and she apologized. But as an executive especially, you can’t put your guard down. You know that there’s hacking and spying with today’s technology. So if you have to express yourself, do it at home. Yell all you want. There, when all is said and done, you can still reflect.. and change.

As the popular thought goes – “if you want to fix the world, fix yourself first.”

What’s your take?