Lean In? There’s a Greater Problem than Gender Issues

For those who are specially active in the rat race, surely, you must have heard of Lean In. You know, like gender equality and women empowerment? It’s been 4 years since and with renown leaders even in total support regarding this agenda..

So, how far has it gone since then?

Guess what, even from its inception, I have never really been interested in it. Don’t get me wrong because I certainly do care about gender discrimination — but then, my soul asks, firstly who are the proponents of this movement again?

Having a commission is not enough, we need an unbiased and a real GOOD eye for talent

Okay, the initiators may have at some point experienced what they have been claiming but then — where are they now in life, in the corporate world? They are already successful, right? Sandberg and her closest supporters are all living their dreams. So what’s the point of all this brouhaha then? Helping women, work-life balance, career advancement?? Isn’t this more like some publicity stunt? You know, it sounds kind of OA rather than something sincere.

As common sense would argue — wouldn’t you rather hear from those who are ‘currently’ struggling rather than from those who are already living comfortably?? They are the ones who really need to be heard! So see, that’s the reason why I am not really into this Lean In or similar movements — unless the founders themselves are currently struggling. Otherwise, if the proponents are already rich and successful, only a few listeners would truly get out of their struggles. After all, we are not really talking about health concerns that we really need the moneyed for their contribution.

While many could relate to their challenges, only a handful could relate to their success. And so, while such a movement could inspire, it could also be intimidating — especially for those struggling outside America. Do you follow?

Fact is, one’s advancement — whether man or woman — should depend on his goals and potential; unfortunately, even getting employed is greatly influenced by how ‘powerful’ his connections are, not to mention, the applicant’s likability.

Discrimination, Likability — SAME banana!

Meaning, if those in your network are still not successful or are ‘traditional’ thinkers, you would not get that job nor even a referral. If an individual is too smart or a possible threat to one’s position, he would not get past that bean counter. In other words, gender is not the issue here but likability, worse, even racial discrimination! That’s the greater problem.

Understand that ‘career bottlenecks’ do not necessarily happen to women alone but to everyone who shows potential, even to those just looking for work. That’s why the world is in disarray because the privileged does not really care for those who are not in their circle. Worse, even those in their network only wants to hear ‘happy or good stories’ from them, that once they hear others’ problems or needs — they back off and judge negatively.

So what happens is, those struggling just tells the world — I’m good, I’m okay — even though he’s got a heavy burden. Now see how fake the world is? Isn’t compassion a leader’s trait as well? As it is, the powerful are just more concerned of self-promoting agendas just as the proponents of Lean In are simply focused on gender issues because they already have reached some degree of success in their career.

Opportunities only for the ALREADY successful?

What about those who are struggling to get past ‘traditional’ thinkers (which 90 percent of recruiters and employers are)?

Hey, this accounts to far more than the number of women who are only complaining about some form of ‘career harassment’ and stuff — for this also includes men especially the colored and the avant garde. See? What happened to ‘you were not born to blend in but to stand out’? This is why only real forward thinkers could spot and hire real talents.

Bottom line is, gender issues in the workplace is generally a worry in rich countries only because they are just too concerned of status. Otherwise, in war-torn countries because of abuses. But for the colored or less likable, the problem is more of equal opportunity first before addressing gender equality.