Is Joining the Bandwagon Necessary?

Human nature has it that if one sees a known personality — rather than ignore this personage — many would actually follow him, or even try to make contact in whatever way they can.

Ever wondered what jumping on a bandwagon would make you?

After all, this is their chance to somehow get ‘attached’ to a popular figure and perhaps get that 15 seconds of fame in the process — even through some kind of ‘selfie’! Wait, selfie?? Yes. More than just for posterity, it’s just anything to advance their business or careers! Hmm. The Bandwagon Effect.

And so, let’s get to the meat of the matter — is joining the bandwagon necessary?

Okay, at first it does sound good. But if you really think about it — you actually only get sweet-talked, nothing else. Well, unless you do not know how to handle people or do the math of business — then there’s not much in store for you.

Friendship is out of the question. Like, if you have never previously worked together, or if you were never classmates, or if you do not really hang out in the same bar or play in the same club, or that you are not even his neighbor or relative — in short, if you don’t really belong to one’s inner circle then tagging on his coattail would only make you look pitiful.

And mind you, having a picture together doesn’t necessarily make you close. It’s only like a fan photo. So, don’t get your hopes high — they won’t give you that job, or order from your company just because of a photo.

The Bandwagon Effect, the sad truth

Hence, how do you advance your career with more established companies or business leaders if you are not even connected in any professional network? Bandwagon?? Ey, even most of those who are connected do not really have that brotherly link — that when you offer your services, they just don’t seem to even care if you’re still eating or not. So, how much more if you are just following say a Richard Branson (or whoever renown business leader) around? See, just jumping on the bandwagon of ‘liking’ his posts is, sadly, just like a dog waiting for a bone from someone who’s not even his master! Ouch.

Accept it or not, that’s basically the truth of it all.

Big personalities or those deeply established in their business or careers are only happy to get more praises — say, 5,000 likes and 500 comments on their posts and all — while you continue to scavenge the soil that’s only fertile for them. They don’t care. Not for any of us but for themselves alone, or only for those who’ll bring them the dough. That’s capitalism for you.

With that, is joining the bandwagon really necessary?

Common sense says it’s just a waste of time — unless you’re not one of those who could rock the status quo then you’d join the parade which only says you’re just one of the guys, and not someone who could really stand out. Common sense says to just put up your profile just for the sake of having online presence but don’t even mind updating it — because it won’t matter. The world just doesn’t recognize real talent since most are ‘traditional’ thinkers who stereotypes. Otherwise, those who’s got great potential would have been hired. After all, skills could be learned while experience really depends on character — which is really on how one would react to a situation.

Character and intellect are what makes decisions while experience is only the result of those decisions. Makes sense?? Those who says ‘experience is the best teacher’ must be slow learners — never learning but keeps making mistakes.

That’s why even large businesses fail. Think about it.