Leadership in Responsible Reporting v Online Hate

Facebook and Google has recently teamed up to fight against ‘online hate’. Well, that’s good if only for character assassination which is normally out of personal grudge, you know. These are generally those who are directly connected — business, work, or personal — to the person they are maligning or so. Because if he is not a public figure (or at least somebody who has something to do with one’s livelihood), why would he ‘call out’ on someone he does not even personally know in the first place?

Then again, first, what is ‘online hate’ really?

While others may even have radical definitions on this, our concern is more of Facebook and Google’s definition about online hate. Like, what if these tech giants are just trying to protect their interests or their buddies’ interests — whoever they may be? After all, it’s easy to make laws in your favor if you are the one controlling the ‘body’, much more, execute them if the ‘heads’ are in tune. Unfortunately though, this would result in something like repression of freedom unless, unless it endangers a nation.

But for the sake of especially the less privileged, allow me to define it in layman’s term. Online hate is actually just targeting individuals, groups or campaigns and such without any factual or logical basis. However, suppressing the truth — which is factual and logical reporting — is a different story. It only means connivance to cover the guilt (or something like false accolades and blind praising) on the part of the one being called out. Suppressing the truth is like martial law, or the blocking of freedom of speech and expression. And to some extent, online news is fake news. Thus, suppressing factual or logical inference only means putting up with fake news that appeals with the audience and especially with the concerned party.

If such is the case, this only confirms that the law just favors whom it likes to — yes, basically the rich and powerful.

Elites just can’t take criticisms, corrections moreover, strong suggestions — that’s the real problem

Then, do not write or say anything negative about say Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner or whoever public personality — no matter how true you think it is! Because come to think of it, almost all news and reports are actually guilty of online hate for writing something negative about somebody. See?? So for the Anti-Defamation League, why not just block out the entire media then?? Like, impose your said cyber-martial law! Why pick on ‘light workers’ (unless they are actually members of ISIS or something) who are simply trying to point out facts with logic? Because picking on them sounds more like egotism on the part of the rich and powerful who only wants to be ‘butt-licked’. My apologies for the term but sadly, that’s what best describes this whole thing. Do you follow?

Yet again, does this mean that freedom of speech and expression is only for a certain race, group or individual? So, see?? That’s logic for you. Laws only favor and protect the privileged. And now you know why there’s chaos, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, et cetera. The world just don’t care — but thinks that even those who are in fact trying to enlighten humanity are just bashing! Wait, bashing?? Perhaps they are just too much on the dark already that they are afraid or do not know what ‘light’ is.

On my part, I am never trying to defame anyone. Yes, I may have mentioned names but those are just examples — for deducing. Nothing personal but simply trying to show what reality really is. And as it is, people would rather jump on the bandwagon than favor the truth. Still, many of these individuals even call themselves ‘professionals’!?

Responsible reporting is more than saying what happened but pointing out the effects of it

When I talked about Lean In, fact is, the originators are already successful women — not currently struggling women who are more relatable and therefore, believable. You want equality, do not count on how many men and women are in leadership boards — that’s only for successful people already, do not be greedy — instead count how many job seekers are actually looking for work but are not even given the opportunity. Then check on their skin color before jumping on gender and so on. That’s what REAL equality really is. Got the point?

When I talked about bandwagon, I simply showed how the world is just blind-sided by following the rich and powerful — while these majority continue to toil in pain, and many even having a hard time getting a job due to stereotyping or employers looking for factors that are in fact ‘offsetable’. Hence, if writing to truthfully enlighten is online hate then the world deserves whatever hardship it is experiencing, thanks to the rich and powerful. So, just be that puppet, that yes-man and not contradict anything that could scratch the elites, regardless of reason.

When I talked about not to believe in references, I explained why and provided the best way to actually determine a candidate. Because whether you like it or not, character and intellect overcomes anything except God Almighty. So, for people who believes otherwise, they must be incompetent and slow learners. Makes sense??

Experience is not the best teacher. If you keep making mistakes then it only means you’re incompetent

Anyway, after my fact-exposing articles, I actually lost a handful of connections in my professional network. But that’s okay, it doesn’t matter. I say this because wouldn’t you rather have even just 10 true friends than 10 thousand generally weak connections who could not even help you get a job? After all, Jesus only had 12 followers yet He was able to do His mission — so what’s the big deal of being loved or not by a whole nation? Sure, Jesus then got crucified because of this likability issue — but that’s how the incompetent are. Like, the Pharisees were just jealous and Jesus’ teachings were ‘scratching’ the elite that’s why even His most trusted (Peter) got scared of the consequences. But look where they are all now — heaven or hell? And look where ‘indifference’ could take you.

In the end, it’s the truth, it’s the purpose, it’s truly caring and rightful living that really matters. And this site.. is about Making Leaders — Out of Leaders.