The Danger of Climbing the NEXT Mountain

Recently, I was able to exchange a few lines on a posted topic with some members of a professional networking site about narcissism and wanting more — and certainly, we are all aware that most of mankind just has this kind of soul.. as in greediness.

It’s simply human nature.

It then made me recall one of those popular quotations about climbing mountain after mountain. And also about the only time to rest is when you are already dead (Robert de Niro). Hey, it’s not really funny nor encouraging actually but sad.

Ambition is okay but if it would leave others suffering, what good is it?

Now, let’s go through all these.

Okay, it’s absolutely fine to aim for something, to have a goal, after all, a life without one is like a life that is none. Really, whether it may be a position, money in the bank or a dream house. Or all of them. Now the sad part. Once one reaches his dream, what’s next? Dream again? Since humans are by nature insatiable, so..

But then, have you ever realized the effects of these?

While you climb another mountain, others may not be able to even conquer their first. Why? Well, it’s not that you are like stopping them from climbing but think of, say an apple party or gathering (as God placed us on earth for something). Say an estimated 3 pieces is what would make one full but then because he eats fast and has a big appetite, he could then be eating on someone else’s share. Mind you, this is budgeted for everyone (God gives equal shares to all). Thus, if you eat even 4 pieces, one of the guests would not be able to have his full share.

Unemployment = Eating more than your share would leave others hungry

Forget about whether a particular guest eats little or whether all those invited really attended the gathering. Because we are all in this together. I mean reality is — is the earth actually getting bigger? You know, that it could accommodate 10 billion more humans? Right now we can not simply eat GMOs, like it’s not healthy — moreover, it would then become unaffordable to many since the demand would be even higher. Result? Hunger.

Now, could you relate this ‘apple thing’ to climbing the NEXT mountain?

Think about this. If you already conquered your mountain and is now getting on to the next one, do you think there would still be a mountain to climb for others? This mountain is not simply a ‘mental thing’ where we could believe that there are really a lot more mountains to climb. That everyone would always have his share. This mountain is reality.

So, if you are already a CEO of a good and stable company then (because of ‘brotherhood’ or what) you get to be part of another company — would you have just made some guy unemployed or underemployed? Do you follow? This is true for whatever position and organization there is.

While you may have multiple income streams, others are barely making ends meet

While we could get into double, triple or however many jobs — fact is, we are only making others unemployed with such. Else, everybody would have been happily employed. Got the point? Can’t just say, put up your own company. Because not everyone are built to be entrepreneurs — yes, no matter how much encouragement you may give them. And if ever they do become business people, not all of them would succeed. Because every industry, obviously, has scheming players that some new entrants would even barely survive.

See the danger of climbing the NEXT mountain?? Or just can’t do anything about selfishness?