When the Rich Wage War

With all the money and influence that more than a handful of people has in this planet, how come the world is still suffering? See, many of today’s problems are obviously brought about by these so-called ‘elites’ and so, naturally, they are mainly the ones who could and should really solve them. Makes sense?

With great power comes great responsibility. We know this. They know this. It’s all a matter of accountability.

Not just literal war but every form of war — from poverty to discrimination

Again, climate change?? This is almost not worth discussing and you could even notice it in our previous article. Why? Because this is really just too simple an issue that only became worse due to abuse for which things have then become irreversible as according to scientists. Thus, all these entities could do now is just to tone it down, like, prolong life as in an ICU — before we could finally transfer all of humanity to some viable planet. That’s responsibility.

What, we do it like the assumed Titanic evacuation, the rich takes the boat first? Huh, are you really leaders?!

Nuclear threat? This is just pride and love for power, ‘big toys’ and blood. Why would even someone who really loves life produce such weapons, much more sell them? National security? Can’t go by the dictum of ‘to have peace, make war’. If you didn’t, say, produce them in the first place, the formula wouldn’t have spread and be used by misguided souls. Now it’s too late, just like ‘climate change’, the most the world could do now is just to give out sanctions if not war.

Hence, how about sanctions to anyone (including UN Security Council members) that produces, much more sells military weapons? First, we monitor and stop the purchase of raw materials used in producing nuclear weapons. Excuses that it would be used for other purposes should be verified first and regularly checked. Then employ more in intelligence rather than recruit combatants. Thing here is — to even minimize the wrong use of military weapons, production should stop. Eventually, even if it takes a century or so, there would no longer be even a single useful gun in the planet.

For real peace and progress, dump this business

If production can not be stopped especially by the US — then forget about nuclear control around the world, like, do not even get upset with North Korea. Because many capable countries would just try making their own warheads as well. Therefore, be that example. It may sound idealistic at this stage but just the same, be that example.

Now for human-related problems caused by population growth.

Equal employment opportunity is only a propaganda, else, there would not be stereotyping particularly in terms of experience and education. This simply removes any chance for career changers, the unemployed and underemployed to prove themselves. See. Time and again, we keep saying that basing recruitment on experience is only for slow learners as everything could be learned and mastered, it’s just a matter of interest and how high one’s learning ability is. But employers just don’t get it. So, where’s the ‘equal’ there? Short-listing would only be precise if the mind is open.

Unfortunately, employers don’t even realize that ‘foresight’ alone — which is an important leadership attribute — could offset whatever advantage experience has. And great foresight does not really come from experience but from a highly-developed observing mind — whether the person is employed or what. Got it?

Now, education. If employers’ silent wish is to basically employ graduates of Harvard University then..

  • Post it in every organization’s requirement, application and evaluation sheet. Say, “only Harvard graduates would be entertained and hired!” Uphold narcissism, you like it anyway — so, don’t be shy.
  • Make a petition to the UN, the UNESCO and every agency there is to close down all schools on the planet except Harvard and vocational schools. For local companies, make a petition to the government of the particular country you are in to shut down all schools except for the school that you ‘ridiculously’ think is the best. If you don’t, just imagine how pitiful the graduates of those schools would be?! Just like what’s happening now — 95% have ended up either unemployed or underemployed. See?? Thus, before the next batch wastes the effort and money of their parents who may also be underemployed, close those traditional schools down and just let these kids enter vocational schools or livelihood training programs if they still want food on their tables.
  • Criminalize the putting up of executive education, post-graduate studies, or whatever kind of training if not approved by Harvard — while asking everyone working for any Harvard alumnus to bow down and take an oath of stupidity.

Funny? Foolish? No!! Isn’t this what employers secretly want? Hiring only those they believe are experienced and coming from prestigious schools? And they call themselves ‘forward-thinkers’?? Hey, they do not even realize that Harvard is just a school! That its only advantage if ever are their facilities (and professors, if ever) but never the intellect of man as learning really depends on the student. Do you follow?

A school does not have anything to do with one’s innate intelligence. Knowledge acquisition and training depends on the student’s interest and resourcefulness.

Ey, someone from the remotest town on earth might even be one of the most intelligent persons in the world, however, he may not have been discovered yet due to prejudice or unavoidable circumstances. See?? That’s what we’re saying.

And sadly, those who could actually help — the rich, powerful, influencers, elites, recruiters and employers — are in fact even the ones pushing others and many potentials down. More in our third part.