Technology and the World

So, it’s already our fourth installment in a series that should pave the way for a better society if only leaders and the elites are humble enough to apply them. Yes, we are talking about those with a heart, it’s your kind of leadership that the world really needs especially with the negative pervasion of, well..

A twisted society is more than just about violence but having a carefree mindset — like drugs, sex and too much partying

Technology. Indeed, technology is definitely something that has greatly influenced society and therefore resulted in ungodly beliefs and practices which has distorted values of this once morally upright (or at least a bit more conservative) planet. Even as Justice League’s Diana Prince has said, “Technology is like any other power, without reason, without heart, it destroys us.”

And this is more than just violence! Still, it’s funny that the creators of the movie and certainly, we ourselves that are aware of such values would just not apply them in our daily lives. Why?? To think that many just keeps bugging society about fake news when they themselves are living fake — or double lives?!

Simply put, tech is the real poison that has taken many souls.

Okay, while advances in science and technology has brought convenience and entertainment to the majority — whether rich or poor — we are actually just breeding more and more lost souls. Yes, as in population growth has simply increased the number of fragile minds that are being brainwashed! What, would you just leave this to the “Serenity Prayer”?? You know, like asking God what we could and could not change? Yet for the less faithful, aren’t taxes, death and change the only things that are permanent? Then change, and change for the better! Like sincerely care! Makes sense? You bet.

The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr

Surely, this is a good and comforting prayer, however, to be a beacon of light — your values got to shine!

See, if you just leave things to go on as it is.. if you be stoic and just mind your own business, don’t you think this is like “selfishness”? After all, we’re not trying to interfere with personal lives but simply doing our share to enlighten humanity to help people conquer the negative effects in technology. To be impassive is just reminiscent of the carefree as well as the elites’ kind of attitude. So, what happened to “it’s better to have tried and failed than not tried at all”?? What, was that quote for money-making purposes only? That’s selfishness alright.

Tech: Brainwashing values to taking advantage

This is why the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer.

The rich just do not really care on what would happen to society so long as they make money — and control the world’s destiny. Social responsibility? They do not know the term. How about cash in exchange for leeway in toxins or something? That they know. Things that could only increase their assets. Then again, how about paying the price for climate change for one??

Anyway, understand that social responsibility is not just about protecting the environment per se (after all, we humans are all part of this environment) but impressing the right mentality on society through example, and in this case, through technology. Hence, if you can’t do your share in upholding correct behavior (as you would within your company) then could you still call yourself a leader? Oh yes, a lost leader. Not what we need.

Get out of the way — or SUPPORT

With the way technology is being used, the world is going down the drain. Stay tuned for our final installment.