New World Order: Conspiracy Theory?

New World Order. If you have not heard about it (??), the NWO is claimed to be an emerging clandestine totalitarian world government by various conspiracy theories where a secretive power elite with globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world. (Wikipedia)

By the way, this is the last part in our series which started with “When the Rich and Powerful can become Real Heroes.” Hmm. Yet can these elites really become real-life heroes? Of course. As we know, they got the money and the influence — so all they need now is the conscience. More than anything else, that should be the New World Order agenda.

After all, just look at how much humanity is suffering while these elites are living their dreams?? If you do not really feel it, and therefore do not accept such truth, then you must be living your dreams as well — moreover, you’re simply uncaring. You know, people only complain if they are affected in some way. And they simply ignore if otherwise. In short, it is human nature to be selfish. Wow, what a trait! So, how come we keep referring to these elites as leaders? Are leaders supposed to be selfish? Or maybe they are just leaders “of the selfish.” Right.

The world is not about competence but conspiracy: “It’s really about who you know.”

New World Order: Politics

Still, if the already successful says, “Is it our fault that you are still struggling??” Then they got the idea! It is. For they just do not care. While most of the world seem to be free from the shackles of tyranny, or from taking action towards success, this freedom or so is just an illusion. The truth is, you can only succeed as far as the elites allow you to succeed. The truth is, they actually control your fate and certainly, the destiny of the world.

Consider history.

Rothschild. Rockefeller. Morgan. Du Pont. Bush. These guys either directly or indirectly controlled the government(s), manufactured weapons, funded or initiated wars, supported rebellion, or had a hand in banks and financial institutions. And when you have a say in government, weapons and money — the world becomes your oyster.

And not to our surprise, this thing obviously continued to the present day with new players — and brotherhoods — joining the fray. Well, power is just that addictive. It brings you more money and that god-like feeling!

So see, free will is only some kind of “propagandic” consolation to a pitiful yet still hopeful world.

The world is simply lost — and lost all the more because of its desires

New World Order: Facts

The truth is, your choices are limited to what these super elites deem not adverse to their position. Else, why then is the world’s wealth controlled by just, what, 1 percent of humanity? If you could not really see that far yet, then let us go micro.

Ever noticed the rich and powerful in your locality? They control who comes in and do business, some even control who gets employed in their area. Yes, say if you want to put up a mall in a certain province, the agreement between existing mall owners and local politicians would decide if you were to be allowed entry. See?? Same goes with employment. No matter how competent you are, you would not be able to get a suitable job if the elites of that place would not allow it — unless some multinational company based in your area is in need and you know an insider. Else, your competence is simply threatening to them. This is so because they feel like they could be run roughshod if you would be taken in. Like, they worry that you could end up as their boss if you were to be hired. That they do not want. Got it? This you could also call discrimination. Thus, the most one could do is to hook up with local politicians to get some opportunities — or leave.

This world is more than just a “dog-eat-dog” world — it’s in fact a “first-come, first-serve” kind of world. If your ancestors, or if you come from a rich and powerful family — otherwise, if you belong to the inner circle of the elites — then and only then would you have a great measure of success in this lifetime.

Sometimes, it’s just a pity to know revealing facts. Some are just happy to have $100. Others are content with $100,000. Still others would not stop until they get $100B only to thirst for a hundred billion more. Do you follow? Hey, can you elites even bring a penny to your grave? What would you actually do with all those money in the bank? Do you or your children need a billion dollars just to live comfortably? Do the math. Many are even hungry and homeless!

We were never really free but lulled in entertainment

New World Order: Definition

If you really care, stop coming up with propagandas or even projects that would actually require people to bleed or be shameless just to earn a “dog bone” of yours! Stop focusing on things that the real needy could not relate to. And stop publicizing you poured in funds to cure some disease — ’cause if we really think deeper, you are the disease! You already got your billions, you already have experienced the good life — what more do you want?! Nobody would live forever!

If you want to be the leader the world really needs, how about initiating and supporting a new world order that $10M is the most anyone — as a family, otherwise, $2M as an individual like if he has no family — in the planet could ever have?! Cash, bank accounts, assets and all. And whatever exceeds his maximum limit, distribute it equally to the real needy the world over — do it in lump sum, not on a 50-year installment. Surely this mandate would be impossible to materialize but at least we showed leaders and concerned souls who and what the real problem of this world is. Insatiability. A disease that is for centuries plaguing society — this is what needs cure.

Remember. To whom much is given, much is required. Yet for those without conscience, they would simply ignore.