How to be an Inspiring Leader

At the offset, leaders already know that “their job” is to inspire. This is simply one of their key responsibilities. To inspire their people to aim higher and do their best — and become leaders.

This is no problem if your people are self-motivated. The challenge would be if your audience is lacking in confidence or is not a dreamer or something like that. How then would you motivate them? And so, the eternal question remains..

What makes an inspiring leader?

Oh wait. Does a good public speaker qualify? In some ways, yes. Then again, if only for their passionate message then good writers and authors should be at the forefront as they have more depth and a farther reach! Besides, what many people actually appreciates about public speaking are voice modulation and gestures rather than speech content. Seriously. See, would you actually waste hours just to listen to what these guys are saying?? Long monologues are usually quite boring not mention just self-promoting, otherwise, plain lies! So unless you are paid to sit in as an audience then you must be family, a friend, an employee or associate of the speaker. Hmm.

Many times, the world is just drowned by conventional thinking without even learning from something glaring

The foundation

Now, while a public speaker moreover a corporate executive or a politician looks dignified, point is, is he really a man of integrity? Hey, virtue is just hard to find especially when one is swimming with money and power, you should know that. Meanwhile, stance, clothing, voice, gestures, passion, knowledge — well, even an amateur actor could have these attributes. Nonetheless, though outside appearance could be deceiving, we can not deny the fact that a good actor, hence, a good public speaker could somehow make an inspiring leader as well.

This is simply because his audience shares his energy! Say, if you could excite your people just as how William Wallace (Mel Gibson) did when he rallied his men in the 1995 blockbuster movie Braveheart then you really are the inspiring leader that your organization needs. Yet again, wouldn’t it be better if there was “sincerity” instead of just speaking passionately? For without it, this would be like misleading your men, after all, this is real life and it could be karmic.

The world is just filled with great pretenders — so take note, sincerity is generally found in emotional people

The emotional factor

Sincerity, for all and sundry, is about EQ. Sincerity is mostly found in emotional people (and rarely otherwise) as only they could empathize with others. Schemers only sugarcoats their lines for publicity, else, whenever and wherever they see a “dollar sign.” There is just no real care. Meantime, sincerity is one of the pillars of great leadership — and therefore an important ingredient to inspiring people. It is an emotional factor and it is something you can not just get from a degree or certification nor from work or on-the-job training but only through life experiences.

In the end, it’s emotions that really keeps the fire burning

In short, a leader would be more inspiring if he was an emotional one. Worry not though, being emotional does not imply weakness but rather strength since he is that one person who could truly understand his people and thus, bring out the best in them — more so, see them through the storm! And that’s just the inspiring leader any worthwhile organization needs — someone who is firm yet with the capacity to really care.