Of Leadership Videos and Movies

While there are business leaders or even influencers in professional networking sites who encourages especially their followers to watch leadership videos and stuff, I say, why? To grow? Ey, I tell you, it is just a waste of time. Really. Unless there is anything different, only then would it be worth watching.

As it is, most of these leadership videos (even books, regardless if they were just recently published or what) are actually boring. Seriously. Notice they are simply a reinforcement of what we already know? Otherwise, they are just misguided arguments or stuff with many critically overlooked factors due to stereotyping — that sadly, many may not have noticed and it’s all because they are conventional thinkers themselves. So what is there to watch in these leadership videos then? Why not just a good movie instead? Somehow, your soul could be awakened to act positively.

Now here is one film that you may not initially think of as thought-provoking, yes, since it is said to be some kind of superhero movie, and we are talking of no other than the Black Panther. Yes, the recent blockbuster movie that starred Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa, Black Panther) and Michael B. Jordan (N’Jadaka, Erik “Killmonger” Stevens). Yes, it was a good one that it even made our cut for leadership “realignment” since it did relate to our current state. And so, more than just action scenes and cinematography (which basically suits movie reviews or those just seeking entertainment), we would briefly be going through some quotable lines that were uttered throughout the film.

Even the corrupt has their kind of trustworthy and competent people, so learn to discern

MINUTE 32. The conversation where T’Challa asked his father how to best protect Wakanda. The father replied like, “You are going to struggle, so you need to surround yourself with people you trust. You are a good man with a good heart, and it’s hard for a good man to be king.”

JD2: In a world of greed brought about by capitalism, it would be hard for many not to be swallowed by money and power. And if you are a good soul, temptation and opposition would be tougher; thus, to protect yourself and carry out objectives, you would obviously need trustworthy and competent people. Yet remember, a good or corrupt soul could be determined by how much he values or treats wealth — and so, how he uses it.

Vain souls “thinks” others are jealous while good souls wonder if the vain has “given” to others

MINUTE 33. This was when T’Challa asked Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) to stay. Nakia replied like, “I’ve seen too many in need to just turn a blind eye. I can’t be happy here knowing that there’s people out there who have nothing.”

JD2: How nice would it be if real people would sincerely have this kind of heart?! These are the real leaders. Meanwhile, those who are rich and powerful are just doling out their ‘loose change’ to appease the needy, otherwise, they are just focused on things that are not really the real cause of hardship.

How could you even think of having the finest goods when there are those who are even struggling to live?

MINUTE 73. When N’Jadaka wanted the throne from T’Challa, N’Jadaka started on a premise like, “There are about two billion people all over the world who looks like us but their lives are much harder.”

JD2: Exactly! This is really the root of many hardships — racial discrimination. Still, many of the rich and powerful are just focused on gender equality or something; and unconsciously so because they never felt ‘looked down’ on when it comes to race. Thus, it never really sunk in them that the world’s problems are mainly racism and stereotyping — and that these issues come before gender and all.

See? That’s why the best paying jobs are only reserved for those who come from the elites’ circle, from certain schools, from perceived work experiences — not accepting the fact that “in the end, everything and everything really boils down to one’s intellect.” Rather they just ward off those who would shake the status quo as they are unknowingly scared to be challenged by real talents, hence, just fortifying their insecurities by preconditioning the world to believe what’s best.

Hey, these leaders are not forward-thinkers! They just happen to control humanity’s fate because they control the world’s wealth, the world’s largest corporations and all. That’s why they could somehow steer the world’s direction. Think about it.

Take note of minute 3 in the video, “Much needed support from the international community is urgently needed and may spell the difference between life and death for thousands of children and their families hanging on to life in South Sudan.” And this is just one country! Many other places are in the same boat, too. So, do not just feel sorry but donate! Moreover, if you are really a leader, look into the mirror and start doing something on things you can control.

‘Cause going back to the movie.. at the end of the day, while N’Jadaka’s ways may be radical which is understandably scorned by most, the point here is, humanity should more than ever realize why there is such behavior in our society. And this is all because of inequality, of discrimination. What, would education solve inequality? No! Because say even if you send poor people to school, they would still struggle in life because employers would just stereotype in hiring.

If you can not distribute your wealth — give everyone on earth some decent employment or adequate livelihood.