Is Health and Education really the Key to Progress?

Recently we saw Microsoft founder Bill Gates address Nigerian leaders to focus on human capital if they would really want to make progress as he also urged more investments in health and education. Yet the question is, “Is Health and Education the Real Key to Progress?”

Frankly, if not for corruption and discrimination, yes it is — and this is not just in Nigeria but all over the world. While we already talked about discrimination in our previous article, here, we would be zeroing in on corruption. After all, corruption is in just about every country there is. And absolutely one reason why the rich just gets richer while the poor gets poorer.

What is corruption 

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, corruption is that dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people. These are those who are in authority and has access to money or resources, of course. However, while corruption is common in governments, we all know that even the private sector and other forms of entities have such issues. Folks, corruption is not just about embezzlement and bribery but about deception as well.

And be reminded, these evils have existed since time immemorial, all because of money and greed.

What amplified corruption

Let’s just put this bluntly. Capitalism. That’s the cause of greed. See, while the system encourages man to create and innovate, the rewards it promises also pushes man to selfishness, hoarding and materialism. The cause of inequality, discrimination, hardship and consequently, chaos.

Clearly, corruption would not have happened or at least lessened if the economic system was not that of capitalism. Think about it. Because of capitalism, people now wants to be rich to have the lifestyle they want. Why, can’t poor countries like Nigeria start corruption? Certainly not. Because it’s the rich who engineered that ‘good life’ that those in poor countries only mimicked. Politicians took bribes. Businesses hoarded. Knowing citizens became materialistic.

With capitalism, exploitation would just continue

Just exploitation all over! And so, as these nations became poorer, the more that nobody listened to the cries of the land.

The real effects of capitalism

Hey, it’s just easy to say, “focus on human capital, on health and education.” But the fact is, this argument is only applicable if the populace does not really have smart people, moreover, gifted individuals. Because they would not be that ambitious then and would just be content with a low-paying, 9-5 job — that is if they could pass discrimination. Yes, this is true even for smart and ambitious individuals (or for career-changers) but lamentably comes from not-so-attractive backgrounds.

What happens, these smart guys just gets stereotyped and so fails to even get an interview from the field they could actually dominate. Result? These types then end up as activists — or worse, joins ISIS otherwise just takes on menial jobs that wastes their talents. So you see, it’s actually society and organizations (that took cue from the rich) that has made ‘punks’ out of supposedly promising human beings. Remember understanding people? Fact is, those ’empathetic’ leaders you perceived somehow only understands people in their work sphere — not real-life people. Hence, their theories and action plans are only applicable to conventional minds.

At the end of the day, it’s easy for these elites to just rub salt on others, they just don’t feel it. The challenge is on making them understand the real effects of capitalism and discrimination. If these elites would just continue to have a deaf ear, the world would simply continue to suffer even if investment pours for health and education.

In short, do not stereotype else you miss out on ‘real’ talents

Progress?? Making the world polio-free is nothing if one would not really be given opportunities. Think.