The Essence of The Greatest Showman

Forget Wolverine for now, the recent and highly successful musical in ‘The Greatest Showman’ — starring X-Men icon Hugh Jackman — is the real deal. Seriously. If you truly watched it, notice, it is more than just simple euphoniousness, more than just a family film..

It’s actually one of those transferable movies where the principles it showcases could be applied into entrepreneurship, leadership, and life in general. Really, what with the story evolving around a visionary who rose from nothing into creating the foundations of a worldwide sensation in the form of a circus! Talk of inspiring.

You create opportunity by genuinely giving others opportunity

Okay, while regular movie-goers would say the film tried to imply that even when everything falls apart, we still got our family — it is really more than that. In the first place, Barnum would not have gotten into trouble if only he stuck to his ‘station’. In other words, while people have dreams, they just don’t have contentment. This is why disappointment and worse, disgrace awaits those who just goes after worldliness instead of valuing what really matters — life and family.

The lyrics of the movie’s OST is just spot on — Never Enough. True, it may somehow be inspiring to hear about climbing the next mountain or whatever but when is enough enough? Guess that’s something we should especially ask the world’s wealthiest, the 1% who has 82 percent of the world’s wealth. True, they may be trying to help humanity but it’s just their loose change that they are doling out; you know, it may be a million dollars or so but it’s still just their loose change as they continue to rake in so much more assets than they actually donate. Do we exist just to make money??

And don’t just blame the poor for their hardships because all they want is just a share of the pie — unlike the wealthy or many of the educated who really wants almost all of the pie if not more than their fair share. Just never enough!

The world is already filled with greed, make a difference by really helping out

Yes, while the less privileged has some fault yet if the wealthy and educated really cares, they should not blame them instead gently educate through logic (formal education isn’t necessary in many cases as everything is just common sense) then give them opportunities. Do not resist their problems (real life has its negatives) nor exploit their situation.

It’s good to dream but it’s better to be content with the success you already have. That’s just the essence of life.