Rewrite The Stars

Just like our previous reference song in ‘Never Enough’, this hit lay also from the same movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ is simply dope. Yes, it may have that romantic notion (which is its original intent) then again, ‘Rewrite The Stars’ also has that transferability to business and life as a whole.

And so, let’s start off the discussion with its most compelling and transferable lines…

“It’s not up to you.. It’s not up to me.. When everyone tells us what we can be.. How can we rewrite the stars?”

Whether in science, business, relationships or what, there’s always challenges to overcome, that’s why there’s this thing called breakthrough. Then again, the toughest ceiling to break would be stereotyping. Notice in science, most obstacles could be overcome by research and experimentation. However in business and personal relationships where stereotyping is high, you may not even be given that chance to be interviewed (research), much more, hired (experimentation). Really. And all because of discrimination. Okay, though things are improving in personal matters, the business side of things is simply on a snail’s pace. Why? Many just blindly follows the richest 1 percent.

Master of your fate

While many business leaders and social influencers are trying to convince people into believing that they are the masters of their own fate, fact is, our fate is owned by those controlling the world’s wealth, the world’s direction — the elites, the powerful and their followers. Mind you, you could only make it big if you go along with their whims. For one, can anyone just go to a country he wishes to work and live? No. You first go through some discriminating process that these guys have ‘indirectly’ (?) influenced in world migration or refugee absorption.

Thus, how could one be the ‘master of his fate’ when he could not even get past first base? Result? Exploited migrants!

Great leadership

Recently, I have noticed a line from a known ‘influencer’ at a professional networking site that went something like this, “Great leadership isn’t about high IQ but EQ.”

Exactly! Because true leadership is, first and foremost, about ‘caring’. What good is being intelligent or having a vision if you do not sincerely care for people? Still, a desirable EQ is about having real empathy, about authenticity — not about ‘sweet-talking’ or just going with the flow. So if an entity really has some sense, then why doesn’t it just recruit according to work ethics and empathy levels? Why look for certification and stuff? The ‘best’ are not conformists! Besides, everything could be learned, remember??

Thus, how could these elites and their followers have great leadership in them when they are in fact even missing out on important EQ essentials? Sincerity. Altruism. Walking the talk. Nothing personal but ey, it doesn’t matter if you try to dress casually (with ‘cheaper’ clothes) like Gates and Buffett did in a recent gathering if many (in your business region) are still suffering. That’s no different from sweet-talking or hypocrisy where all you have are inspiring words but no real action.

Making a difference

Think. Have you eliminated poverty and hardship (in the places where your organization, product or service are present), more so, stereotyping and discrimination (which is the main cause of less opportunities, or a major cause of hardship)?? After all, you make money from the area you are in, thus, help that community! That’s social responsibility. If not then you’re definitely not a great leader yet — no matter how large your company is, no matter your social standing on earth.

Realize that business (and its perks including power and wealth) is just part of life, not the other way around.

Leaders and readers, what people really need are food, shelter, opportunities and things like that. The basics. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? ‘Cause before one can truly dream of something bigger, the basics should first be met. Before health is even addressed, make sure people are not hungry, that everyone has opportunities to earn decently. Sincerely resolving this, that is true leadership.

So you see, who really deserves trust and respect then — a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or say, a dedicated gardener of a remote locality? For those who are simply scared of the status quo, understand that 99.9% of business leaders (yes, including politicians) are just basically concerned about their comfort, about increasing profits. They do not even want to hear (much more help) problems of other people, all they want is positive news. Yet again, if you do not want to face their reality, that’s hypocrisy! On the other hand, a potential ‘leader of men’ truly empathizes with the plight of the people. Hey, never underestimate a gardener or any dedicated worker. Credibility and the ability to lead is by no means about a long-held position or a great background, it’s about empathy and the ability to really act on it.

At the end of the day, while there is still poverty, hardship, discrimination or oppression in the areas where you, your organization, product or service exist then there is no great leadership yet — no matter if you are the richest and most powerful on earth. Your wealth or status can only sway conventional minds or perhaps those who are hard-pressed.

If you see and accept the rationale then you just took the first step towards genuine leadership. Now rewrite the stars.