Jimmy Carter and the World’s Problems (The Conclusion)

Brace yourselves. We are now in the final installment of our take regarding former US President Jimmy Carter’s views about the world’s problems.

To begin, Carter mentioned about the US’ abandonment as a champion of a clean and healthy environment; okay because even with efforts to curb toxicity in society if you are still lenient, moreover, if you yourself violate nature’s laws else collaborate with entities and organizations that pollute the community – then what’s the use of policies, of promoting ‘green’? Just propaganda? So, that is indeed abandonment. This only reaffirms that for these guys, filling up their pockets is the only thing that matter. And they’re even called ‘leaders’, wow!

Having a better world is a matter of applying what we actually teach our children

What, idealistic? Being idealistic is not childish nor is it just some dream, otherwise, why do we still teach children good values?? This means, utopia is actually attainable if only the world practices what it learned in kindergarten! Though this transformation could take decades, we just got to start somewhere and starting with the biggest leaders and especially with the rich and the powerful. So see? No MBA or Ph.D. needed, just kindergarten teachings and we got a better world. You may argue that this is easier said than done. Of course. Because those who already has wants more, much more.

Meanwhile, consider the world’s most powerful passports, isn’t that discrimination? That’s why there’s illegal migration!

Imperialism, discrimination and oppression exists because, sadly, governments and the elites want it that way

This kind of discrimination just limits opportunities which then snowballs into partisan and racial division as who are getting to live their dreams anyway? Those that jump onto the bandwagon! Those that belong to the inner circle! Else basically those that are already from rich countries! Thence, this is also why many of those in such particular race (or group) think they are above others when they actually do not have anything to boast but the color of their skin!

And so, this then brings us to Carter’s next concern which is historically, Americans have had a hard time adjusting to the concept of equality, that even now, some are struggling to accept the fact that all people are equal in the eyes of God. Again, this kind of thinking would only cause discord amongst the human race. So realize that every race should be ‘sincerely’ respected. It’s not like, you smile and show respect to a certain group just because you are in front of them but deep inside you actually don’t care or just belittle them. That’s hypocrisy.

If someone of your ethnicity did something great (or not), does that mean you did it, too??

Jeez, think about this. While Thomas Edison, a white American, invented the light bulb – that does not mean that all white Americans invented the light bulb! Credit and patent only goes to Edison, right? So as an American (or whatever ethnicity you are proud of), why have that ‘superiority complex’ when all you have to boast of is the color of your skin?? Now this is not to attack anyone or any ethnicity but to enlighten humanity’s crooked thinking.

Hey, haven’t you even thought that entities and thus, countries get filthy rich mainly because they try to control things, like the bribing of governments, market rigging, or manipulating currency and the flow of trade?

Capitalism: The less privileged does not even know why they are poor, all they know is they are lacking

Result? Distrust. An impending trade war. And eventually, civil unrest. While the US is not totally worried about the use of force but as Carter has said, there are more attributes of a superpower that go beyond military strength and that the US should rather be known as a champion of peace, equality and human rights; more so, be admired for its generosity to the needy and other moral values. With that, don’t you think that the US and other powers should try not to be hegemonic? If they do so then they would have taken the first step towards real peace, equality and the valuing of human rights which could then influence their people to be more helpful and appreciative of other cultures.

Incidentally, Carter has even stated that there are more people in prison in the USA now than in any other country. See?? Anyway, whether this is the result of crime, of political reason or whatever, if you just look carefully, imprisonment anywhere in this world is primarily due to hardship (like, why do people steal?). Therefore, listen to problems more than victories. In the end, the question would be not how much you have taken but on how much you have sincerely given.

This is TheGreatLight.