Styling and Entitlement

As many believes, with manners come styling and with styling comes manners; then again, that’s just traditional thinking that only conventional minds try to make the wannabes and the ‘ignorant’ believe in.

Styling… is manners?? Whoa! Dressing for the occasion, well okay, that could be profiled with manners – like, you can’t look funky in a burial for one. But ey, your attire doesn’t have to be stylish or expensive. Moreover, if you basically dress to project an image of status – well, who are you trying to fool mister? Look. Respectability is not found in clothing but in sincerity, integrity, in authenticity. So stop conditioning the ignorant that would just make them subconsciously think lowly of themselves. Status through clothing is not an attribute of leadership but narcissism.

Remember that you are a boss only while in your office or around your people.

Realize that the sense of entitlement brought about by your position ends when you leave your company’s premises. This means, you can’t just rant on waiters or whoever – of course, you can complain as necessary but not like you own the person – much more, bend the law only because you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or whatever.

Hey, personally, I am not impressed even if you wear designer clothes or Armani suits. It’s just clothes. It gets dirty and worn out. It’s not what makes one look good. Just like makeup, wardrobes particularly expensive ones are actually just meant to cover one’s insecurities. Think. Suits do not define a leader, empathy does. See, you wear a hundred thousand dollar clothing while ‘many are lacking’ – is that leadership? That’s insensitivity! Isn’t it even shameful?

Now we’re not saying that one could or should just dress clumsily. Dress accordingly, of course! If it’s for work, okay. What we’re saying is that don’t overdo it – and don’t act like you are entitled to everything superior. Not because you wear nice clothes or occupy a position of power, that doesn’t mean you could just treat people according to what they wear instead of their character. Just as you don’t just judge applicants according to their education or even experience but according to their ability to learn. For all you know, there are those who doesn’t even need fancy attires but are a hundred times more fashionable than you are – it’s just a question of one’s preference, mood or priorities.

Clearly, the vain include the wannabes, those on the bandwagon or simply put – those who doesn’t have a backbone

Furthermore, if you keep having your hair done or even do cosmetic procedures – now is that what a good leader should do? That’s just vanity and unbecoming of a leader! Yes, it’s your money and you’re entitled to do whatever you want with it. But haven’t you even thought – Mister Leader – that many could not even eat three meals a day while you are just throwing money to expensive salons?? And cosmetic procedures are not even a ‘necessity’! So, where is that empathy that you keep boasting of? Everything’s just sweet-talking yet you got thousands of followers since sadly many are just like dogs who are waiting for a bone – or jumping onto the bandwagon.

In case you forgot, understand that even your jewelry or choice of car is styling. Still, would you need a Lamborghini (or whatever car deemed expensive in your locality) just to reach your destination? All we see then is arrogance! You could have just bought a basic car for transportation and used the extra cash to help the needy. See? That’s empathy.

Dressing for success is just societal brainwashing created by the materialistic where wearing expensive clothes speaks of status. But for those who could think, clothes ≠ success (unless you’re one of the dogs) but creativity = success. After all, isn’t it the creative (brainy) who came up with such fashion? It’s just that fashion is their ‘livelihood’, that’s why they are promoting ‘stylistic’ idiosyncrasies. Thus, ‘dressing for success’ should in fact be just dressing appropriately. True leaders encourage authenticity not worldliness. You don’t say people are poor because they were programmed to live poor when in reality, you are rich mainly because you deceived or used the poor.

In the eyes of thinking people, a CEO, a President, a King and a janitor are all but the same and equal. No one is higher than the other – respect is not given according to position or style but according to being human. So do not think highly of yourself no matter how rich or powerful you are on earth for you could only fool the wannabes and the ignorant. Even a nation’s president is called public servant and not public master, so be that servant to earn respect. Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer but he exchanged his Gujarati attire for a Dhoti. That’s being sensitive to his people and authentic to his vision.

This is @TheGreatLight.